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Q: What is Staging? Is it like decorating?

A: No it is not decorating. Staging is the art of preparing your home to sell in the least amount of time and for the most money by decluttering
and depersonalizing your home and creating a look that will appeal to everyone that steps through the door. Staged homes typically sell in 31 days or less and for full or close to full price.

Q: Why do I need to stage my home? Can't people just imagine how it will look with their belongings in my home?

A: Most people can't imagine their belongings in a new home .When it is staged and looks spacious and decluttered, they can look at the space and imagine their furniture placed just like the staged space. Buyers are really buying a lifestyle. When
they search and find a home that has been staged and it looks
like a model home , they feel like they can just move right in  and live happily ever after!

Q: How much does staging cost?

A: Staging is based on the size of the home and also based on what is needed to complete staging such as furniture, artwork, etc. But is is always a lot less than the first price reduction! Call for a free quote today.

Q:  How long does it take to stage a home?

A: It depends on the size of the home but on average abut 2-3 days. Successfully Staged brings in the furniture, artwork, carpet, lamps, and anything else needed to make your home a gem.

Q: Can't I just stage part of my home?

A: Do you just want to sell part of your home? Buyers lack imagination. Make it easy for them to purchase  by doing the homework and take the guesswork out of what a room should look like and what it's function is.

Q: I bought my home a few years ago in the hot market and it was in poor condition inside-why won't people buy my home without staging now?

A:  A few years ago we were in a very hot market and there was a shortage of housing so basically buyers were just happy to find a home to purchase and overlooked all the imperfections. Our current market is flooded with homes for sale. Your home needs to stand out from all the other homes and that is where staging comes in. We make your home unforgettable!

Q:  I own a home and had to move due to a job change. It has been sitting on the market now for over a year. Help..what can I do?

A:  A vacant home is cold and unwelcoming. Staging brings it back to life and shows people how great it will look with their furniture in it. Also it is hard to take pictures of a vacant home to put on the internet, so buyers have nothing to look at. Agents also pick homes to show by looking at the pictures on their real estate sight. If the home is staged they can see a beautiful home to show their client and will pick a staged home over a vacant home any day of the week. Have your home staged! 

Q: What does redesign mean?

A:  Interior Redesign, also know as "One Day Decorating" is the fastest growing specialty in the Interior Design industry. Successfully Staged redesign service is one that updates the style and décor of your home by utilizing your current furnishings and accessories in a fresh new way. There is no need to give up your favorite furnishings and start from scratch. We'll use all of your current furnishings, accessories and treasures and add a few extra touches and you won't believe the transformation! In one day or less, Successfully Staged will capture your style, revitalize your space and deliver a highly stylized room that is unique to your lifestyle. You'll get the designer look for a fraction of the traditional designer cost.

Do you:

  • Have a room that just doesn't work, look or feel right?
  • Want to change a room color or add an accent color and need help in deciding?
  • Have a room that no one ever uses and you're not sure why?
  • Want a few things for your space, but not sure what to get?
  • Have furniture and you don't know where to put it?
  • Need help choosing fabric for furniture or window treatments?
  • Have too much or too little furniture and don't know which pieces to keep or what to buy?

Call Successfully Staged now to set up an appointment and meet with our designer! See what a difference a day can make! 757-652-9537


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