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Staging Success Stories

One 20 year old home had been on the market for over 3 years and was vacant. The owners had reduced the price of the home to $279k and still couldn't sell it. Successfully Staged met with the homeowners and advised them  to paint an accent wall in the den and kitchen and also paint the living room because everything in the entire home was painted white and it was very cold and uninviting. After staging the home the asking price went up to $299k because it looked and felt like a new home. This home sold in one weeks time for full price! The sellers are so happy and relieved not to have 2 house payments.
Many homes we have staged have sold in as little as a few days up to a few months. Many investors are now using Successfully Staged to give their rehabbed homes the final touch! Even after putting in new kitchens, baths and making a home like new, staging is like the icing on the cake. Smart investors are seeing the payoff and understanding what it takes to sell a home in this marketplace.
Successfully Staged now to speed up the process of selling your home in this market that is overloaded with homes for sale. You must make your home stand out from the other homes for sale, and make it memorable! Call 757-652-9537 

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